Inspired by the beauty of organic form, our Organic19 dining table collection is as unique as the tree from which it is created. All tabletops are made from one single slab of tropical wood suar. Each tabletop is hand selected, cut, and polished to display its beautiful natural wood grains and living edges. The natural markings like knots, splits and distinct grain patterns are kept to add distinctive characters to each table. Every dining table is one of a kind and will add a unique, personal touch to your dining room, living room, or any space of homes.


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Round Teak Root Dining Table 3

Round Teak Root Dining Table 3


Inspired by the beauty of natural root form, this organic teak dining table is handcrafted from one piece of salvaged teak root. The root is painstakingly unearthed. The bottom is flatted, sanded and polished. This teak dining table is a unique blend of organic and modern. It can also be displayed as a wood sculpture. Features: This pi...

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