Z-Oxblood Porcelain Vase

Product Description

Jun Porcelain is famous for its pure vibrant colors, brilliant luster, naturally formed patterns and shapes adorn porcelain, and various cracking lines or crazing caused when the glaze cools and contracts faster than the body, thus having to stretch and ultimately to split. The art historian James Watt comments that the Song dynasty was the first period that viewed crazing as a merit rather than a defect.  No painting and carving is involved. Rich colors, patterns, and crackling lines are all generated from kiln firing process and material used. No two Jun Porcelains have same colors, patters and lines.

  • Item No.:              PP0810
  • Dimension:         6.7"D, 13"H
  • Circa:                   New
  • Material:               Porcelain
  • Origin:                  Jianxi, China
  • In Stock:               SOLD
  • Feature: Handmade. Each piece has natural variance.

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    $ 216.00

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