Rectangular White Wish Organic Teak Root Coffee Table

Product Description

Inspired by the beauty of natural root form, this organic teak coffee table is handcrafted from salvaged teak roots. The root is painstakingly. This teak coffee table is a unique blend of organic and modern. 

  • This piece is handmade from reclaimed teak roots
  • This piece is carefully hand-selected, planed and sanded  
  • White wash finish
  • Natural markings like knots, lines, splits, holes, and distinct grain patterns are mindfully kept to create an organic and unique look that no other one alike.  
      • Item No.:             CT2084
      • Dimension:          Approx. 47"W, 32"D, 16"H
      • Material:              Teak
      • In Stock:               Yes
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        $ 1,500.00

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