Nature Teak Root Accent or Side Table or Stool 3

Product Description

Inspired by the beauty of natural root form, this organic teak accent side table is handcrafted from one piece of salvaged teak root. The root is painstakingly unearthed. The top is flatted, sanded and polished while the sides are left to its original form. This handsome teak table is a beautiful blend of organic and modern and will be a perfect small coffee table or stool as well. It can make a great pair side table with AT1960, AT1962, or AT1963

  • This piece is handmade from one single reclaimed teak root
  • This piece is carefully hand-selected, planed and sanded  
  • Clear finish to bring out natural wood grains and characters
  • Natural markings like knots, lines, splits, holes, and distinct grain patterns are mindfully kept to create an organic and unique look that no other one alike.  
  • Only one available. This is the exact piece you will be receiving
  • Item No.:             AT1961
  • Dimension:          Approx. 22"W, 23"D, 16.5"H
  • Material:              Teak root
  • Feature: Organic root with natural wood grains, patterns, and minimal cracks & spots., hand-polished. 

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    $ 790.00

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