Sideboards & Buffet Tables

DYAG East’s buffet sideboard collection includes both antique and reproduction sideboards and buffets.

Our antique sideboards and buffets are mainly from 19th and 20th century China, from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and Republic period (1912-1949) and consist of a variety of styles, showing the age and quality from other time and culture. Our limited editions add not only exceptional beauty to your home decoration but will also become a valued and cherished family heirloom.

Our reproductions of sideboards, buffet tables, media centers, and storage units draw inspiration from the fine furniture created during the Ming Dynasty (1348-1644), capturing the era’s simplicity, timeless elegance and spirituality. We honor and respect the decorative style of the Ming Dynasty, which is minimalist in design, sometimes to the point of no decoration at all. We strive to capture the beauty of wood and finishes with traditional craftsmanship - the essence of traditional Chinese furniture. Our furniture is hand-made from beginning to end, using the thousand-year-old traditional Chinese joinery of mortise and tenon, hand-rubbed finishes, and hand-forged hardware techniques. Our furniture always creates an atmosphere of refined elegance for a home or business setting.

DYAG East’s antique and reproduction buffets are versatile and attractive furniture and provide diverse functionalities. Our antique buffets can be used as sideboards or storage furniture for linens, china, and other necessities, or integrated into one’s media center. DYAG East’s reproduction buffet makes an ideal stand for a flat screen television, and the storage area behind the decorative façade is perfect for housing any related electronic devices. Any of our antique sideboards can also be used as a bathroom vanity. It is easy to convert most our sideboard buffets into bathroom vanities by cutting a hole on the vanity top for the sink and faucet assembly. An antique buffet can transform a bathroom into an absolutely stunning powder room.