Large Organic Teak Root Sculpture 1

Product Description

Inspired by the beauty of natural root form, this organic teak root sculpture is carved by the artisans from Java from one piece of salvaged teak root. The root is painstakingly unearthed. The top is flatted while the sides are sculpted to enhance the intricate root form. This large nature inspired abstract sculpture can be placed either indoor or outdoor. It can also be used as an pedestal. No matter how and where it is used or placed, it will command attention.   Also take a look at SC1927 

  • Item No.:             SC1926
  • Dimension:          Approx. 33"D, 30"H
  • Circa:                   21st Century 
  • Material:              Teak root
  • In Stock:              Yes
  • $ 3,200.00

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