Lotus Leaves Porcelain Vase

Product Description

This gorgeous celadon vase is handcrafted and embellished with lotus leaves. Different from colorful Jun Porcelain, Ge celadon has a grayish-blue glaze and jade-like perfection. Carving is employed to adorn ware. Celadon production had a long history at Longquan, a city in the Southern China and related sites, but the era of greatest ceramic production was not until the Southern Song (1127-1279), Yuan (1271-1368) and Ming (1368-1644) periods.

  • Item No.:             PP082
  • Dimension:         8"D, 12.2"H
  • Circa:                   New
  • Material:              Porcelain
  • Origin:                  Jianxi, China
  • In Stock:               1
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$ 385.00

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