Square Petrified Wood Coffee Table

Product Description

The top of this coffee table is made of organic petrified wood slices which are hand polished to show its beautiful natural patterns and grains. Each piece has its unique grains, patterns, colors and minimal cracks & spots. This petrified wood table brings nature beauty and aesthetically pleasing modern to any space. Petrified wood is a falling wood that has been buried in sediment for over thousands of years without oxygen and transitioned into a stone/marble like material. 2 are available. The tops are different. Please see pictures. 

  • Item No.:              CT2021
  • Dimension:          Approx. 36"W, 36"D, 16"H
  • Material:              Petrified Wood
  • In Stock:              Yes
  • Feature: Handmade, hand-polished, naturally formed grains, patterns, colors and minimal cracks & spots.

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    $ 2,200.00

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